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European Steel Registration Office

European Steel Registration Office

European Steel Registration Office

According to DIN EN 10027-2, the European Steel Registration Office is responsible for the allocation and administration of material numbers for steels. This means that it assigns material numbers for steel grades with commercial significance,

  •     which are listed in European standards or
  •     which are not (yet) standardised and have been notified by European manufacturers

and publishes all registered steels on the Internet at appropriate intervals.

In addition to the actual registration tasks, the European Steel Registration Officeis the point of contact for enquiries about past and present steel grades, works brands and non-European steel grades, and provides information about suppliers, their steel grades, their available products and other steel-related information.

The Steel Institute VDEh has the mandate to maintain the European Steel Registration Office, i.e. to ensure that the steel grades registered in Europe are implemented in accordance with the standards and to publish the contents of the STahl-Eisen-Liste on a regular basis.

Since 1949, the Materials Committee of the Steel Institute VDEh has been running the secretariat for the allocation of material numbers and short names for steels; initially on behalf of DIN and since 1992 with the adoption of the German system into the European standardisation system on behalf of the European standardisation CEN/ECISS as European Steel Registration Office. The assumption of the task for Europe was the logical consequence that finally the German material number and short name system was transferred into a European one.


The Stahl-Eise-Liste is the official compendium of the steels listed by the European Steel Registration Office.

The Stahl-Eisen-Liste contains

  • all steel grades included in European standards
  • in addition, all non-standardised relevant steel grades of European producers notified to the European Steel Registration Office, including works grades.

Contents of the Stahl-Eisen-Liste as defined in European standards and/or information provided by the notifying steel manufacturers:

  • Material numbers of European steels and some non-ferrous alloys
  • Short names of all steel grades standardised and notified to the EStR throughout Europe
  • Technical terms of delivery / standard references
  • Chemical compositions
  • Characteristic properties
  • Characteristic features
  • Intended use
  • Product forms available from European steel producers
  • Addresses of the supplying plants

The data is published daily at

The European Steel Registration Office (EStR) intends to use the Stahl-Eisen-Liste

  • to cover the entire demand for steel with the smallest number of grades and to achieve the lowest material and labour input in production and distribution to the user
  • To bring customers and suppliers together and to give a presentation of the delivery programme of all registered steel grades of European steel manufacturers.

Applying for a material number from the European Steel Registration Office

Any European steel producer can at any time submit an application to the European Steel Registristration Office to register new steel grades.

  • For the allocation of material numbers, which are primarily identified by their chemical composition, please use application form 1.
  • For the allocation of material numbers, which are primarily characterised by their mechanical properties, please use application form 2.

How it works

The working method of the European Steel Registration Office for the allocation of a material number is shown in the following picture:

The decision-making processes in the European Steel Registration Office for the allocation of a material number are shown in the following figure:

Task of the European Steel Registration Office for steels to be newly registered

  • Checking the steel grades available in the Stahl-Eisen-Liste for possible correlation
  • Check of short names for correct name formation according to EN 10027-1
  • Testing of the steel group specified by the applicant for correct specification according to EN 10027-2
  • Testing / classification of steel grades according to EN 10020:2000, on the basis of chemical composition into unalloyed, stainless and other alloyed steels, as well as into main grades, defined by main property or application characteristics of the unalloyed, stainless and other alloyed steels
  • Assignment of the material number and internal registration
  • Notification to applicants of the data required by the European Steel Registration Office for inclusion in StahlDat SX
  • Timely publication of the new steel grades in StahlDat SX
  • Identify obsolete steel grades in the Stahl-Eisen-Liste and agree in writing with the works to remove them.

Steel database StahlDat SX

StahlDat SX

The steel database StahlDat SX is the only authorised publication of the European Steel Registristration Office.

The contents of the Stahl-Eisen-Liste (the Register of European Steels) are presented in the steel database StahlDat SX, which is partly accessible free of charge on a separate homepage at the address

In addition, StahlDat SX provides up-to-date material data and comprehensive information for the various target groups:

  • Quality and standards bodies at manufacturers and processors
  • Buyers and distributors of semi-finished steel products
  • Product developers and technologists

Further contents of the StahlDat SX include

  • Technical guideline (SEB, SEW, SEP, SEE, SEL)
  • Research reports from FOSTA's applied research
  • Technological data (time-temperature diagrams and flow curves, thermophysical data)
  • Technical books (heat treatment atlas, precipitation atlas)

The StahlDat SX provides data flat rates in three performance levels:

  • Community: Free access after registration
  • Standard: Cost-effective access for most users
  • Professional: Comprehensive access with many extra functions and data

to the steel database

Contact persons

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Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Brockmann

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