Stahlinstitut VDEh – 28.06.2022

SEP 1220 - 5 "Testing and Documentation Guideline for the Joinability of thin sheet of steel, Part 5: Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)" published with issue date 12.2020

When developing new materials before they are launched on the market as part of the material approval process the steel producers prove not only the basic material characterisation, but also the processability in terms of joining technology. The reason for this is the requirement for compatibility with the entire further processing process. In the past these tests were carried out according to the specifications of the individual automobile manufacturers. This resulted in a large and cost-intensive test effort which significantly delayed the introduction of new steels and made them unnecessarily expensive.

For this reason the Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblatt (SEP) 1220 was developed and published in 2011 in which the material approval process is described with regard to the joinability. The aim was to create a standardised approval procedure which is recognised by steel manufacturers and users, not only to accelerate the introduction of new materials, but also to simplify the provision of data and the comparability of test results. Part 1: General specifications, Part 2: Resistance spot welding, Part 3: Laser beam welding and Part 4: MIG-brazing were published with the issue date 8.2011.

The 1st edition of Part 5: Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) could now be published with issue date 12.2020. The test methods specified in this Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblatt (SEP) are used to determine the suitability of steel sheets for the joining process of gas-shielded metal arc welding (process ISO 4063:135).

The Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblatt (SEP) 1220 describes methods for determination of the joinability of steel sheets without / with surface coating and the documentation of the results. It is meant as a basis for standardised material characterisation by welding, brazing, mechanical joining and adhesivebonding and is intended to standardise the exchange of data between material suppliers, car manufacturers and their suppliers. The SEP 1220 specifies the requirements for implementation. The joinability is assessed by the user based on the results of the joining test and documentation guideline and the specific application.

The basic structure of an SEP for the material approval process of joinability includes both the shape specimen and specimen preparation, the test methods and test conditions used as well as specifications for the experimental procedure up to the subsequent documentation of the test data. However, the results are not evaluated as this should be done depending on the particular application and the user.

SEP 1220-5 can be ordered from StahlDaten Shop or Beuth Verlag.