Stahlinstitut VDEh – 30.09.2023

Programme and Registration

Programme and Registration

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Refractory Technology - Applications, Wear Mechanism and Failures

Stadthotel am Römerturm, Cologne

Nov 26th, 2023 – Nov 29th, 2023seminar in english

● Steel manufacturing process
● General overview of wear mechanisms and methods for examination of the refractory material after use
● Refractory lining and wear mechanism of blast furnace, taphole, and runners
● Refractory materials for direct reduction plants
● Process conditions affecting the refractory lining life and the development of refractory materials technology in oxygen blowing converters
● Steel Teeming Ladle: ladle metallurgical treatment, refractory stress, materials and lining concepts
● Refractory lining and wear of AC and DC furnaces
● Economics in refractory usage
● Challenges and solutions for continuous casting refractories in consideration of clean steel, automation and economy
● Teamwork on failure case studies

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