Stahlinstitut VDEh – 14.04.2024

Oxygen Steelmaking

11.06.2024 – 13.06.2024seminar in english

Directed by

Karl-Heinz Spitzer, TU Clausthal, and Jochen Schlüter


• History, developments and types and of oxygen converters
• Thermodynamic and kinetic basics in the converter process  
• Tramp elements
• Hot-metal pretreatment
• Computational Fluid Dynamics in the converter
• Design and construction of modern oxygen converters
• Chemical reactions kinetics:
  Refining reactions and slag forming in the BOF process
• Mass balance and heat balance
• Converter process modelling
• Steel scrap for the converter
• Refractory materials for BOF
• Comparison of different converter operation practices:
   US – Europe – Japan
• Environmental aspects: Dedusting
• Process of CO2 neutral steelmaking
• The role of the converter in CO2 neutral steelmaking

Target Group

Two thirds of the world's crude steel production runs through the converter. The converter will also take its place in future CO2-neutral steel production in combination with direct reduction and the OBF. In addition to this new future role, the current challenges and trends of the converter will of course also be content of this seminar: scrap qualities, tramp elements, modelling and CFD as well as refractory technology. The programme will be rounded off with the most important fundamentals such as thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and heat and mass balance.

Our target groups are:

• Steel shop operating staff

• Employees in R&D and transformation

Registration Fee

EUR 1090,00* registration fee VAT-free plus
EUR 269,00 conference package (total EUR 1.359,00*)

EUR 1.290,00 registration fee VAT-free plus
EUR 269,00 conference package (total EUR 1.559,00)
* for employees of member companies and individual members of the Steel Institute VDEh. Scientific staff of universities gets a 50 % off.
The conference package includes food and beverages during the seminar (incl. 19 % VAT).

+++ as part of the VDEh youth development sponsorship also young engineers (up to 35 years)
of member companies receive a 50 % discount +++


A free withdrawal from the seminar is possible until 2 weeks prior to the start. Then, 25% of the seminar fee must be paid. The total registration amount will be charged for no show or cancellation from the first day of the event. The participant also has to bear the cancellation costs of the seminar hotel.


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The Steel Academy will automatically make a room booking for the participants at the Intercity Hotel Duisburg from 10 – 13 June 2024 for a special rate of EUR 108,00 per night incl. breakfast. The hotel room bill will be settled by you upon departure. Please advise at your registration, if you do not need a reservation or whether you would like to stay longer in the hotel.

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